Flying high. This is my dream, my goal and my job. My desire is to dress women who fly very high, whilst keeping their feet on the ground: real, successful women, who enjoy looking after themselves.

Women like me who are independent and free. That’s why my designs are like ‘real wings’ for women, because I want women to feel always perfect, because we are special, and should live life to the fullest. 

Since I started in the fashion business, each design that I have developed, each woman I have dressed, each success I have achieved, has made me free. Learning the secrets of fashion with great excitement and hard work, fulfilling my dream step by step, learning to feel more and more sure of myself, more Laura Bernal…


All this made me feel so fantastic that I want to share it with every woman.  This is why I decided that all my designs, all the designs of Laura Bernal, will be ‘real wings’ for women; wings that make us feel special, pretty, self-confident; wings that help us achieve both our professional and emotional goals. And for this I work in the only way that I know: ensuring maximum quality in every design, every fabric, every detail, as this is the only way to make fashion, the only way to ensure that all of us fly very high.

Laura Bernal